How to Eat Healthy While Camping

Eating while camping


At home, a healthy diet plays an important role for many people. On holiday, this is often neglected. Especially on camping holidays, the food often consists of ready meals or canned food, the balanced diet falls by the wayside. However, if you want to be fit and strengthened on holiday, you can also take care of nutrient-rich recipes during this time. If you’re having a hard time doing this, then the tips from this post might help you. Now, take off the RV trailer covers of your motorhome and be inspired to become the best camping food chef.

Why does a healthy diet play an important role?

First and foremost, we would like to give some information about the vital substance-rich diet. Whether you are touring through Europe, staying within Germany, or planning your next beach holiday – a healthy body is a prerequisite for your holiday to be beautiful.

If, on the other hand, you only eat fast food or bread, you will soon notice that their energy curve is going down. As a result, you have hardly any energy during various activities and automatically cannot enjoy great moments.

A vitalizing diet ensures:

  • A strong immune system, so you are more protected against viruses and bacteria (this is especially important if you are abroad and do not know which pathogens are at home there)
  • A lot of strength and a positive energy
  • Happy mood
  • A well-functioning digestive system
  • Stable circulatory system

How can you integrate nutrient-rich nutrition into your camping holiday?

On holiday with the caravan and Co., many dishes are of course not as easy to cook as if you are accommodated in a holiday apartment, for example. Nevertheless, we would like to share simple tricks that make a big difference and can also be implemented on holiday on four wheels. The prerequisite is that you have a hotplate in the camper or a cooking facility for outdoor use (barbecue, camping oven, or camping stove). You should think about this in advance.

  • Simple dishes often consist of pasta or rice. These ingredients are also perfectly okay for camping recipes. In this case, however, you should resort to the whole grain variant and not take the normal white flour noodles. For rice, brown rice is recommended.
  • Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. These ingredients can be bought everywhere. Especially in southern countries, these are usually even tastier and extraordinarily cheap. To enjoy all these treats, it’s good to check out a local farmer’s market.
  • Take food supplements with you – if you supply certain vitamins (such as vitamin D3, B12, or the like) at home, you must not forget them during your camping holiday. In a very sunny country, vitamin D3 is not absolutely necessary.
  • Light recipes ensure that you do not feel full all day long, but still have enough energy for various activities. If you want to pay attention to this point, you can focus on vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. Nuts and seeds can also be well integrated.


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Great recipes for a quick kitchen

a) Salad with grilled tofu

If you have the opportunity to fire up the camping grill, you can grill delicious tofu, eggplant, zucchini, and tomatoes on it. These then serve as an ideal topping on a green salad with tomatoes, cucumber, and peppers. To add a few healthy fats, of course, nuts or seeds must not be missing (e.g. sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.)

b) Wholemeal pasta with tomato sauce

A next simple recipe that can be conjured up with a gas cooker and a few delicious ingredients. For this, you need a few portions of pasta (preferably the whole grain version, so that you can get enough fiber during the camping holiday) as well as a can of tomatoes. If you have the opportunity and are traveling with the caravan in the south, it is worth making a sauce from fresh tomatoes. This is done quickly. For this, the tomatoes are washed, cut into small pieces, and heated. After half an hour of cooking, you can arrange the sauce. In this context, spices such as basil, paprika powder, or pepper provide a taste like in Bella Italia.

c) Porridge with oatmeal and fruits

Of course, balanced breakfast should not be missing. Whole grain oatmeal is healthy and strengthens the body with many significant trace elements and minerals. In combination with fruits, it is the perfect food for every morning. It saturates well and at the same time strengthens the immune system.