Every Zodiac and the Foods That Don’t Tolerate Them

Zodiac Signs


The environmental toxins and stress are increasing – proportionally also the food intolerances in the signs of the zodiac. Foods are better tolerated by some signs of the zodiac than by others. We reveal which foods you should reach for and what better not to end up on the plate.

Food intolerances in the signs of the zodiac

Which foods are individually well or less well tolerated must of course be found out in individual test procedures. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a look at the sign of the zodiac, which can already give some clues.


The zodiac sign Aries is not exactly known for its patience, so its diet should be one thing above all: uncomplicated. Nevertheless, he wants to try himself out and needs variety on the plate. If it has to go really fast again, the ram can be tempted and put a frozen pizza in the oven.

The Aries does not know any intolerances. In his active and active lifestyle, he pays particular attention to providing the necessary energy in the form of carbohydrates. The example of frozen pizza shows that vitamins and minerals are often neglected. Raw food would be a good choice, but no matter how many reasons you would give him: Nobody will make the ram a vegan. He also likes to eat meat – especially beef – far too much. The main dishes are spicy or well seasoned at the first sign of the zodiac. The spicy Indian and Hungarian cuisine – with lots of peppers associated with the sign – are entirely to his taste.


Taurus like it enjoyable and diverse, so a diet must also be diverse. If they renounce too much, they become aggressive. The Mediterranean cuisine best suits the zodiac sign Taurus, because it is vessel-friendly and metabolism-stimulating.

A typical dish could be chicken or fish with lemon. This contains carnitine and stimulates fat burning. To get rid of annoying pounds, bulls should put in a few days of fasting every now and then or even do a juice cure to purify. Important: Bulls born between April 25 and 28 should not eat wheat. Those born between 13 and 17 May do not tolerate coffee, alcohol, and spicy food well.


In general, food is not a high priority for them.  The best thing about food anyway is that you can do it in the community. Those who are in Gemini midheaven prefer to communicate rather than eat and are therefore easy to make happy. The air sign likes to experiment and is flexible when it comes to the meal plan. They often get whatever they feel like every day. When visiting a restaurant, they are not afraid to test a new and previously unknown cuisine.

Gemini likes light food, which is not so heavy on the stomach. An open buffet and finger food are therefore ideal for this sign of the zodiac. Fish, salad, and fruit are the absolute favorites of twins and are fittingly also figure-friendly.


People with the zodiac sign of cancer often have a sensitive stomach. Therefore, an alkaline diet is recommended for them. Coffee and very fatty foods they tolerate poorly. Luckily, crabs prefer to eat sweets! If you want to pay attention to your figure, you should still keep a measure, pay attention to hidden sugars and inform yourself about alternative sweetening options.

Since cow’s milk is usually not tolerated, goat’s or sheep’s milk products should be eaten instead. Garlic, onions, and anything that bloats, as well as citrus fruits, are poorly tolerated. Recommended for cancer are regular meals, preferably classic breakfast (muesli), lunch (salad), and in the evening cooked vegetables with fish or meat. By the way, Asian cuisine is best tolerated!


For lions, eating must be an experience, because they are conscious pleasure eaters and attach importance to quality. Nevertheless, they must be aware of food intolerances! Lions like protein-rich products such as lobster, shrimps, caviar, salmon, or sole. But beware: they contain a lot of uric acids and should therefore be eaten in moderation, especially if you have gout or rheumatism. Vegetables and salad are important for a balanced diet.

Asparagus, Swiss chard, and rocket are particularly popular with lions. Fruits, such as pomegranate, papaya, and lychee, may be exotic, as they are particularly rich in enzymes. If you want to lose weight, you should eat fruit until 12 o’clock, then salad with sprouts and mushrooms and in the evening fish or meat with vegetables. Warm lemon water helps to deacidify and has a greasy burning effect. The scales will be gracious if you stop eating after 7 p.m.


Virgos do not tolerate bloating fruits and vegetables, legumes, apples, and nuts. Nevertheless, people with this zodiac sign generally have a good awareness of proper nutrition. Virgos know what tastes good and flatters the gastrointestinal tract. Warm teas, carrots, potatoes, steamed fish, and chicken in a wok with vegetables are perennial favorites for virgins. Rice and soups they eat in moderation.

Homemade muesli with oatmeal, almond milk, and mild fruit such as mango, pear, and banana flatter the figure. In general, virgins value whole foods and like to shop in organic shop. Because people with the zodiac sign Virgo are bursting with femininity, they are rarely petite. If you still want or need to lose weight, you should reduce fat and eat anything that has less than 2.5 calories per gram.


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The zodiac sign Libra is a true connoisseur, one could almost say gourmet. Italian cuisine suits him perfectly because he likes fish, vegetables, and salads – all freshly prepared, of course. Scales prefer as colorful vegetables as possible because this flatters not only the eye but also the psyche.

Meat does not have to be but can end up on the plate every now and then. But then preferably pheasant, chicken, lamb, rabbit or flying duck and prepared in the oven. With salt, scales have to be careful. Instead of iodized salt, sea salt, Himalayan salt or original rock salt should be used. Your line holds balances with a balanced and healthy diet, which includes predominantly fruits and vegetables. But in order to really lose weight, the Ayurvedic diet fits perfectly, because it ensures an ideal weight.


Indian cuisine tastes particularly good to the zodiac sign Scorpio and at the same time supports health. The watermark finds it extremely difficult to lose weight, so the scorpion should rather take care not to accumulate unwanted kilos in the first place.

Easier said than done because this sign is an all-eater. However, raw food should be avoided as it bloats. Otherwise, scorpions in the kitchen have their own head and conjure up unique dishes with a perfection that is frightening. The mostly very aromatic foods should be divided into several small meals throughout the day. It is also important to ensure sufficient hydration.


The zodiac sign Sagittarius knows one or the other food intolerance. It is important for shooters to eat regularly. Ideal are four to five meals a day, which are taken in peace. If, instead, emails are checked or newspapers are read, this immediately hits the stomach. Meat should be treated with caution, but luckily legumes are a good alternative. Fish also get shooters well, generally, Thai food with fresh vegetables and fruits is well tolerated.

Because water retention is not uncommon, salt should be dosed well. 2-3 liters of water a day must therefore be drunk. Alcohol should be drunk exclusively in small quantities since the liver is not so resilient in shooters. In women even less than in men!


If Capricorns are meat lovers, then they should avoid pork, beef, and veal, because this is not always well tolerated. Game, lamb, and fish are more suitable.

Vegetables are eaten by people with the zodiac sign Capricorn. No wonder, then, that Capricorns are naturally graceful and rather slim – Capricorn women don’t have to worry about weight gain as much during menopause as other signs of the zodiac. On the contrary: weight loss is still easy for them even after menopause! If you still need help, you can make a moderate food combination: Protein and carbohydrates are consistently eaten separately. Means: side dishes (pasta, potatoes, bread) with vegetables or meat with vegetables. The body can thus use the food better and does not store unnecessary fat deposits.


Aquarians unfortunately have many nutritional intolerances and therefore have to be particularly careful. Light food, lots of fish, especially scallops and squid and sushi, do them good. Wheat is very often incompatible, but can be easily exchanged for millet, kamut, buckwheat, spelt, green kernel or rye. In any case, Aquarians should get tested in this regard!

Violent weight fluctuations are not uncommon in stressful situations and interpersonal tensions. Therefore, radical diets are less suitable for Aquarians, but gentle dietary changes. Aquarians are often allergic to cereals, so a protein-rich diet such as the Logi method is recommended: plenty of fish and meat with vegetables and salads. Sweets, bread, pasta, and potatoes are taboo.


Fish also have many food intolerances and should therefore especially refrain from flatulent legumes and leek plants. Soups, spinach, bananas, lamb’s lettuce, shellfish, and chocolate (especially dark) make fish happy. They love sweets, which are especially good at breakfast. Fish have an advantage: they metabolize carbohydrates excellently!

For this, they often have an aversion to meat, which is why many fish are vegetarians and vegans out of conviction. Ignorance of food intolerances can lead to weight gain and fungal infestation in the intestines of fish. Water retention is also due to this. If you are gaining weight, you should have a health check for food allergies. If you want to lose weight regardless of this, you should definitely eat a vegetarian diet. Anyone who actually suffers from a “fungus” of the intestine should avoid sweets for two months.