Foods That Help Detoxify Your Body

You can try a detox if you wish to naturally cleanse your body. Detoxifying your body eliminates accumulated pollutants. It discharges the detoxification organs such as skin, liver, bile, lymphatic system, kidneys, and intestines. A simple cleansing of your body through a selection of nutrition can aid against tiredness. It also strengthens the immune system.

Basically, you can detox your body on your own. Nonetheless, if you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, professional help is desperately needed. Experts from detox phoenix az can formulate program and tools to detox your system. They will dig into the causes and help you get into a healthy lifestyle again.


Top foods to detoxify the body


That vegetables are healthy is no longer news. In general, freshly prepared vegetables contain important nutrients that ensure proper digestion. Vegetables are also packed with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. These micronutrients are essential for a functioning carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism and thus also support weight loss.

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With 14 calories per 100 grams, lettuce is the hero of any diet. It consists of 95% water, so it has a draining effect and at the same time fills you up. But not only is the lettuce popular because of its detox properties. All types of lettuce are good for detoxification. Dark salads stimulate digestion due to their many bitter substances and thus have a detoxifying effect. The underdog among the salads is clearly the dandelion. What many do not know is that eating dandelion leaves leads to detoxification and support for liver function.



The magic power of asparagus is no longer a secret. It accelerates drainage and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Due to its low calorie count, you burn more calories when digesting asparagus than you consume through it.



The artichoke is also no longer exotic on dinner plates. Did you know that the artichoke stimulates the production of bile and supports the liver in detoxification? In addition, thanks to its rich dietary fiber, it provides a lot of water and important minerals such as potassium and magnesium for your body. Whether as a whole flower or just the hearts, artichokes should not be missing from any detox cure.


Rotate Beet

In order to bring a bit of color into the detox menu, beetroot should not be missing. It contains folic acid, which is particularly relevant for pregnant women, as well as potassium and iron and ensures healthy elimination of harmful substances. The beetroot can be pickled, boiled or as a juice to round off the detox plan.