Social Media: Important For Gastronomy

Advertising and corporate communications are increasingly shifting to the online world. The number of users and interactions in social networks is increasing. This also results in great potential for the catering and food industry. Thanks to social media, businesses have the opportunity to interact with guests and present their offers.

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Opportunities of social media for gastronomy

Using Facebook, Instagram and other social networks is free. In most cases, you have special tools and offers available for online management such as cheap Instagram likes platform. If you don’t want to run any ads, you don’t need an additional budget, just allow enough time.

You can advertise new food and drinks in a targeted manner and draw the attention of guests to offers and events.

Anyone who has liked your account or follows you will receive new status updates on a regular basis. In this way, your business stays in the memory of the guests and they are encouraged to stop by again. In addition, you create important added value that goes beyond the pure gastro visit.

You can consciously obtain feedback from your guests and optimize your offer based on this.

If your guests recommend you digitally to their friends, this is the best form of advertising of all.

Once you are present with your account, it is best to see how other companies set up their social media marketing and what works particularly well for them. It is also conceivable to join forces with another catering company.


Tips and tricks when communicating via social media

Make sure to publish new posts regularly. Otherwise, your content is less likely to show up in fans’ timelines and your reach will decrease. The information about your company should always be up to date.

A picture often says more than a thousand words. In order to make existing and new offers palatable to your guests, you should underline your texts with meaningful, visually appealing photos and videos. It is also recommended to use suitable hashtags.

The most important thing on social media is authenticity. The content of your posts should match your restaurant business. It is therefore not necessary to jump on every hype, otherwise, your account will quickly appear a little “wanted”.

Respond to messages as promptly as possible. This is how you show your guests that they and their opinions are important to you.

Don’t be afraid of bad criticism. When dealing with complaints, behave exactly as you would in a face-to-face conversation. Always remain factual and friendly, say thank you, accept criticism, and respond to suggestions for improvement. Listen to what your counterpart has to say.