Tips For Healthy Eating While Gaming

In gaming, the ability to react and concentrate often determines victory or defeat. With the right diet, the PC version of Call of Dragons gamers can ensure that they are more efficient during gaming.


Gamer Food: Does proper nutrition increase performance?

E-sports and gaming mean top performance for the brain. In order for it to be able to do this, it needs a whole range of nutrients in addition to oxygen and enough water. If you want to improve your ability to react and concentrate while playing, you can make an important contribution with the right diet.

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Too much sugar is bad for the brain

If you pay attention to a balanced diet overall, you can eat pizza, kebab, chips, or sweets from time to time with a clear conscience. However, gamers should not consume too much sugar. A high-sugar diet can have a negative impact on cognitive performance.


Drink enough water

In addition to eating, a balanced diet also includes adequate fluid intake. Did you know that your brain is made up of around 80 percent water? In order for the brain to work at full speed, it is therefore very important that gamers make sure they drink enough.


Enjoy the variety of foods

No single food contains all of the essential nutrients. Therefore, the most important principle when it comes to gamer food is to eat a balanced diet. Gamers need to eat as diverse and varied as possible. Plant-based foods such as fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grain products, and potatoes form the basis. They contain few calories and provide a lot of nutrients, dietary fiber, and secondary plant substances. They are also energy suppliers.

Vegetable oils and nuts are also full of valuable nutrients and are true gaming brain foods. They are good for the brain’s performance. You must supplement plant-based foods with smaller amounts of animal-based foods like milk, dairy products, fish, meat, and eggs.


Include healthy fats in your gaming diet

Vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil, but also nuts contain vitamin E and essential fatty acids, especially unsaturated fatty acids. Walnut, linseed, or virgin olive oil are very suitable for cold dishes, such as salads. In general, try to consume more unsaturated fat than saturated fat. The latter is particularly found in animal and processed foods such as biscuits, pastries, fast food, and convenience products.