Sending Groceries With Right Packaging

The sending of groceries via the internet is becoming more and more important. Professional packaging and packaging specialists are essential here. This is the only way to ensure that your package arrives safely.

Depending on the food you want to send, you have different types of packaging available at Blower-Dempsay Corp. Their packaging products ensure that the goods are perfectly protected and reach their destination safely. The shipping of long-life foods is undoubtedly the least problematic.

This includes all types of packaged and non-sensitive foods, such as canned food. You can also wrap the food in plastic foil or a bag to protect it from moisture. In addition, with filling material you ensure that the products in the package have no room to move.

A special case in the case of long-life foods is heat-sensitive products such as chocolates. They can only be shipped without refrigeration if the outside temperature is below 25 degrees, otherwise, the products will melt. Chocolate does not tolerate frost either, since the so-called fat bloom forms on the chocolate when the temperature fluctuates.

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How to ship perishable food correctly

As a private customer, the shipping of perishable food is excluded from almost all parcel service providers in the general terms and conditions. With professional shipping by different providers, it is important that you use the right refrigerated transport packaging. Styrofoam boxes in combination with cold packs are particularly suitable for this. This keeps food cool for up to two days.

An insulating cool bag is also used for shipping smaller products. For shipping perishable groceries, it is best to choose express shipping, as this way the groceries will reach their destination within 24 hours.


Delivery of liquids and beverages

To ship these goods, you need stable packaging, ideally certified bottle cartons. Corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap and other materials can be used to fill the cavities. The sender is liable for improper packaging of bottles, which leads to damage to sorting systems. So be sure to use safe packaging.


Find the right filling and padding material

You use filling material to fix the food or beverage in the box and thus prevent damage from slipping. For shock-resistant products, you only need this filling material. If you want a shock-absorbing effect, use suitable padding material.

With air cushions, cavities can be filled easily and effectively. An absolute classic in the field of filling material is bubble wrap. It has a particularly effective shock-absorbing effect and adapts particularly well to the goods. The air chambers also ensure a slightly insulating effect. Other options are the classic packing paper and large knobbed foil.