Samgyupsal Approved in Filipinos’ Tastes

Korea has been known worldwide for its technology, but it also opened the doors for their delicacies and dishes which gained popularity throughout the world.

One of the most popular korean cuisines is Samgyupsal that are made from grilled pork sliced in thin cuts and are wrapped in lettuce along with other ingredients such as kimchi, sauteed bean, cucumber and other korean spices that adds to the flavor of the food.

How Filipinos are Introduced to Korean Cuisine Samgyupsal

The samgyupsal was made popular in the Philippines because of the arrival of Korean drama and films which hooked a lot of Filipinos. In those Korean dramas and films, samgyupsal is always part of the cast’s meal, with these it made the viewers to get curious and try it also.

Samgyupsal in Pinoy Households

With the tasteful, delightful and appetizing look and smell of the Samgyupsal which is made from grilled pork with other side dishes, really makes everyone get excited and drool on it. This Korean cuisine is also easy to make, thus Filipinos already made it as a part of their household treat. Therefore, Filipinos can prepare and enjoy their own Samgyupsal at their home with their family while watching some movies.