Beat Summer Heat with Summer Advertising Products and Healthy Drinks

The heatwave is coming. Companies are now ready with summer advertising products – bikinis, shades, bathing suits, sunscreen, sunhats, and anything to cool you off. Summer wear will be all over sites like Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Zeev, and others. And yes, while these products can help cool you down, there’s one thing you crave more this summer – It’s that glass of iced cold drink. But nothing beats these five healthy refreshing drinks that are perfect this summer.

These five healthy drinks can immediately quench your thirst

People like to eat a lot of water-rich foods in summer apart from healthy drinks. These food and drinks help to replenish the water reservoir. These are, for example, watermelon, cucumber, or strawberries. Nevertheless, in the hot summer, you should also drink at least two to three liters of liquid in the form of drinks and not only drink when you are thirsty! Here we present the five healthiest thirst quenchers that are also low in calories and sugar.

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1. Mineral water

This may sound a bit simple or boring at first, but it isn’t. Because water is not only healthy and has zero calories, it is also cheaper than cola, soda & Co. If you also choose mineral water instead of still water, you ensure that the body has magnesium, calcium, and sodium of around 400 milligrams per liter receives. This not only gives the sweating body back fluid, but also the salt it needs so that our cells can function smoothly. Otherwise, there is a risk of massive circulatory problems or even a collapse in the worst case. If pure water tastes too bland, you can pimp it up with lemon slices or mint leaves.

2. Peppermint tea

Can’t get used to the thought of drinking hot tea when the outside temperature is over 30 degrees? But you should! Because in southern countries this has always been the custom. After all, the Arabs have known for a long time about the beneficial, appetite-suppressing, and refreshing effects of peppermint essential oils. The plant cools the body in midsummer, tastes pleasant, and also ensures a fragrant breath.

3. Juice spritzers

For all those who find pure water with lemon too boring, they don’t have to struggle with it. Juice spritzers (with a high percentage of water!) also quickly quench thirst in summer. Whether passion fruit, mango, or grapefruit: you can mix a delicious juice spritzer with almost any type of fruit of your choice and thus provide variety. However, make sure that the juices do not contain any added sugar or that it consists of 100 percent fruit. In addition, you can vary the flavor intensity with carbonated water.

4. Ginger water

Many only know and appreciate ginger in tea. Finally, its sharpness gives it that certain something and helps well with flu and cold symptoms. The essential oils it contains also strengthen the immune system and help to recover quickly. But the Chinese magic root also gets the circulation going in the water when you get sluggish from the heat and tastes as refreshing as lemonade.

All you have to do is grate 100 grams of ginger, boil it in 400 milliliters of water for about ten minutes and then pass everything through a sieve. Finally, fill up to one liter with mineral water and optionally add some sugar substitutes such as stevia, birch sugar (xylitol), or erythritol.

5. Mango lassi

The Indian trend drink is also a great refreshing drink in the hot summer in this country. In addition, the yogurt used ensures that you get full quickly and for a long time. Perfect as a healthy “afternoon snack”! In addition, the lactic acid bacteria it contains promotes good digestion and the mango for a fruity-tropical taste.

For a lassi, you only need 150 grams of yogurt, 200 milliliters of mineral water, 200 grams of mango, and a tablespoon of honey or sugar substitutes such as stevia, xylitol & Co. Mix everything – and the lassi is ready! For the typical Indian feeling, add a pinch of cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger.