5 Food You Should Eat While on the Sofa

Eating on sofa


Hey, your sofa is calling! But before you get really comfortable, prepare one of these happy dinners. They are made in less than 40 minutes and taste even better than your favorite series – guaranteed. And you can always hire a sofa cleaning Singapore so you don’t have to worry about spilling food all over your couch.

1. Potato carrot goulash

Warms wonderfully from the inside and delights us with plenty of potatoes, carrots, onions, hearty bacon, and Mediterranean spices. This simple potato-carrot goulash succeeds in just 3 simple steps and is really good for you and your soul. And now into the bowl and off to the sofa!

2. Quick Pizzadillas

Pizzalovestortilla: For this finger food, two of the tastiest dishes merge together. Instead of classic yeast dough, we simply use wheat tortillas, which we bake crispy in the pan and top with our favorite ingredients and plenty of cheese. Brilliant, isn’t it? Pizzadillas, by the way, taste hot and cold. So if you forget to eat your favorite series because of the excitement, it’s half as wild.

3. Semolina porridge with cherries

There’s nothing like semolina porridgelike Mama’s! Without cherries and a thick layer of cinnamon sugar, which crunches really nicely when spooned, a large bowl of it just makes us happy and satisfied – then as now. Especially when we can wrap them up in the blanket and enjoy listening to the audiobook on the sofa.


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4. Penne with ginger-tomato sugo

Sure, everyone knows pasta with tomato sauce! But have you ever pimped the pasta sauce with fresh orange juice and finely grated ginger? If not, here is the ultimate recipe to save and try. The fruity sweetness and slight spiciness harmonize perfectly with the tomatoes and provide a pleasant feeling when eating.

5. Brussels sprouts cream soup with spelt croûtons

Soups are just perfect for a cozy meal on the sofa. You can spoon them away and warm yourself at the bowl at the same time. Our seasonal favorite is this velvety cream soup with Brussels sprouts, cheddar and crispy spelled baguette croûtons. Of course, a good shot of cream should not be missing here!